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The Church and Biblical Research Group (CBRGroup) has a vision of providing innovative processes and capabilities that will define how the church approaches and interacts within and outside the church based on an understanding of biblical concepts as revealed through biblical archaeology, biblical worship, and biblical spiritual formation.

Rev. Gary Byers, a friend of CBRGroup, recently wrote an article on the nativity from an archaeological standpoint.  Here is the link to the article.  Please read.
Recent book review by Don McNeeley

Listed below are some activities and research questions that the CBRGroup is pursuing.
 1. Biblical Archaeology Conferences that demonstrate how an understanding of biblical archaeology and faith work together to enhance our understanding of the scripture.
 2.  How worship and Spiritual Formation can be integrated together.
 3.  How it is possible to foster a sense of sacredness without rigid formality within and outside the church.
 4.  How multi-media can be be used in communicating biblical archaeology, worship and spiritual formation to the church.
 5.  Developing and providing biblical understandings, worship and spiritual practices, tools, and capabilities to Christians.
We are continually researching these and many other areas, and look forward to assisting you and your ministry organization with being effective and ready for the new challenages ahead of you.  If you have any questions, email me by clicking on the email link below.

Don McNeeley, DBS
Director, Church and Biblical Research Group


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