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Many times a ministry comes to a point where a retreat is needed; a time where the ministry can sit back and reflect on who, what, where, when, why, and how the ministry should be progressing.  Unfortunately, many times it is the ministry leaders that are tasked with development, scheduling, and leading the retreat.  CBR Group is ready and has the heart desire to take that load away from ministry leaders using the concepts of biblical archaeology, biblical worship and biblical spiritual formation.  We create a retreat that utilizes the understanding and concepts gleaned from our research efforts and integrate those ideas into your ministry vision.  Let us deploy our resources to make your next retreat a unique experience for you and your ministry team.  As an example of the results from a retreat created using this concept, please click on the following limk.  Spiritual Retreat Report


What is Spiritual Formation? What about Worship?  Where does Biblical Archaeology fit into the church?  How should we seek out and study these concepts?  The staff at CBR Group is engaged in research efforts in these areas, and the results are being integrated into retreats, seminars, and other events as appropriate.  If you desire to join with CBR Group on a spiritual journey that seeks a better understanding of the holy, we can assist by mentoring each other on that journey.  An example of this research is available by clicking on the following link.  Worship from the Catacombs


In today's environment, multi-media is a must for just about any ministry event.  CBR Group can assist you in the development of your multi-media project assisting in realizing your specific ministry goals.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above items, please contact us via email by clicking on the email link below.

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